I recently saw Equus with the rest of sixth form drama students. It is a thrilling play about a young boy which captivated me from start to finish. The play is about a young boy named Alan who blinded six horses and is sent to a psychiatrist, Dr Dysart. It contains some of most creative lighting I’ve seen which not only shocks but leaves you questioning whether what you just saw actually happened. With the sound only adding to the bombardment of your senses, the technical elements left you feeling overwhelmed. This along with the powerful recount of Alan’s story, beautifully portrayed by Ethan Kai left you exhausted after the intense climax at the end of the play, but also with a sense of Catharsis to both Alan’s and the Dr Dysart’s story. Personally my favourite part of the play was the movement. Firstly the horses’, whose isolated movements perfectly reflected that of a horse, and secondly the use of a trampoline throughout Alan’s nightmare which was exceptional in adding to the energy, giving the scene a surreal effect. I think everyone at JAGS who saw it can agree that the play was electrifying and emotionally charged, and a brilliant play to see.

Review by Amelia Shelmerdine (Year 12 Drama Student)

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