The Ancient Greek trip started well, with us leaving the school to get a train to Cambridge. The town was bustling and as we walked through the streets, we observed some interesting architecture and quirky shops, eventually arriving at the Cast Gallery. Walking through the door of the gallery, we were immediately greeted with an array of statues, some around the size of a classroom chair but others towering above us so that we had to crane our necks in order to see; the tall ones were my favourites.

It was fascinating to look at the evolution of ancient Greek sculpture, from the first, smaller statues, to the large, stone kouroi with the signature pose as if mid-walk. The female kore held my interest, brightly coloured with paints that scientists have guessed the colours of with the assistance of dye residues left on the original find. My favourite era of the statues, however, were none of the above, not even the titanic kouroi but the young men. Their muscles were less exaggerated than the previous statues, seemingly more human and realistic there was one key aspect to them which really caught my attention: the hip pop.

Just like the contemporary supermodels and social media selfie-stars, these statues had one hip significantly higher than the other in a jarring asymmetry. Contrapposto, we were informed, was the correct term.

Overall, it was a great school trip and a grand day out!

Alice, Year 9

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