The Farm, as it was known, was assembled in the relics of the old music block.

Since moving the music department to the new CMC building, The Farm sat empty and unused but begging for a purpose. The Art and Drama department gladly took on the task of transforming this blank canvas into both an immersive drama experience for their latest year 9 production, Cantadora  as well as the platform for exhibiting the final creations of the JAGS A level art students.  Through the innards of the Farm, the two productions truly came to life.

Each A level art student was assigned an area within The Farm, in which they could display their art work in any way that they liked. By allowing the art students the freedom to set up their display in its empty shell, The Farm enabled each student to determine the experience and define the emotions they wanted to instil in their viewers during the exhibition.

Being able to move through the spaces, you could clearly see how each student was able to interpret The Farm in their own different way to breathe life into their installations. Caitlin Dudlyke, year 13, found that The Farm allowed her to extend her work onto a larger scale, and create a more emotive experience for her audience.

The fusion with the drama department, allowed for an even more captivating experience, with the year 9’s performing Cantadora within the same space. Each room within The Farm was interpreted as a new environment within the Cantadora production. Although there was a theme, which ran throughout all the spaces, each new room brought a different perspective to the story that added to the overall effect and message of the production. The room created by Caitlin explored the skin that we wear and how we deform it as a society, which she showed by creating latex casts of the human body and hanging them throughout her space. This became a scientific, hospital-like environment for the production. She questions whether ‘[she] was inspired by the drama department’s script, or they were influenced by [her] casts’; however, what materialised was a cohesive fusion of ideas. The Farm had fulfilled its purpose: to allow each student and performer the opportunity to transform this once empty space into a new, captivating environment for all to experience.

By Izzy Dudlyke

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